TrackClaws for Skid Steers and Mini Excavators
TrackClaws for Skid Steers and Mini Excavators
TrackClaws for Skid Steers and Mini Excavators
TrackClaws for Skid Steers and Mini Excavators
TrackClaws for Skid Steers and Mini Excavators
TrackClaws for Skid Steers and Mini Excavators
TrackClaws for Skid Steers and Mini Excavators

TrackClaws for Skid Steers and Mini Excavators

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Proper Clearance: 1" along the edge of your track is needed as well as 2" underneath from the inside edge. Call for questions on fitment, 715-665-2000.


TrackClaws are an innovative new way to increase the traction your compact track loader or mini excavator has, if you have a skid steer or mini excavator with rubber tracks you know how easy it is to slide on snow, ice, or mud especially on slopes or hillsides.  TrackClaws grip the outsides of your tracks and hold a chain across the face of the track, the chain provides the bite needed for your machine to not slip or spin.  TrackClaws can be added or removed in minutes, come with a tool box for storage and handling, a spare bolt, and a 1/2" drive Allen socket for installation. If your skid loader is equipped with tracks you know what's it's like to sit and spin in the snow and your option was to buy another set of tracks that "do better" in snow. Not anymore, now you can install TrackClaws and gain back the use of you machine!

Exact Track width measurements are needed, measure the width of your tracks straight across and select the appropriate size.  TrackClaws close down to their specified width and have approximately 1/2" adjustment larger.

  • #1 Accessory for skid steers and mini excavators
  • Set of 10 Chains - 5 for each track
  • Game Changing Traction for Mud, Snow, and Ice
  • Saves Wear, Tear, Time, and Fuel
  • Maintains Track Integrity - No Holes or Drilling
  • Install and Remove in Minutes
  • Made in USA

Equipment needed:

3/8” Allen wrench or socket (Socket Preferred, included with purchase) and hammer or mallet.

Chains are in sets with an inside clamp and outside clamp with Allen bolt. Keep Allen bolt to outside. 



Be sure Allen bolts do not come loose. Bolts should be checked before you start using your machine each day and retightened as needed.


Proper Clearance:

Step 1: Check inside and outside of track for proper clearance for the TrackClaws clamp, the clamps should not come into contact with any part of the track drive system, frame of the machine, or anything other than the track itself. 

Step 2: Install one TrackClaws on each track, ensure proper clearance by driving the machine at least one full revolution in both forward and reverse. (Having someone available to watch/listen to making sure nothing is coming in contact with the TrackClaws is recommended.)



Step 1: Measure your track circumference/length. Take the total length and divide that by 5 (the number of TrackClaws per track) and that will be the spacing of the TrackClaws on the track. Typically about three feet apart.

Step 2: Hook the static clamp of the TrackClaws on the inside of the track and pull it snuggly so the clamp is seated in the tread “valley.” You may need to use mallet to snug onto track.

Step 3: Slide the tension clamp into a tread valley opposite of the static clamp. (Depending on your track style, the chain may run diagonal or straight across the track face.) Tap the clamp snuggly into place with mallet.

Step 4: Put the Allen head bolt with its lock washer through the bushing on the tension clamp and start it into the nut on the chain by hand. Only after the bolt is started by hand should you use an impact to tighten, do not over tighten and curl the track. (Note: use caution if tightening with an impact, the chain can spin and pinch causing injury)

Step 5: Ensure all Allen head bolts are tightened and check clearances in both forward and reverse directions ensuring the TrackClaws do not come in contact with anything other than the trackClaws 

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