Stout Skid Steer 78" Flat Bottom Grapple Bucket With Skid Steer Quick Attach

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Photos are of a stock grapple, the grapple you receive may have variations depending on the options you choose.

Call for a quote if shipping to Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii.

Made with high strength 50,000 psi Steel!

The Stout 78" Flat Bottom Grapple is an excellent "bucket" style grapple that keeps what you're scooping from falling through like a tine style grapple allows. Available in three cutting edge styles either a single cutting edge, double cutting edge, or a tooth edge, the Stout Flat Bottom covers a wide range of needs.  Optional Bolt on sides can make the Stout Flat Bottom grapple more versatile. 

  • Weights
    • Single Edge - 770lbs
    • Double Cut Edge - 825lbs
    • Tooth Edge - 850lbs
      • Width - 78"
      • Height and depth - 33"x30"
      • 3/8" sides
      • 1/4" bucket skin
      • Grapple opening 32"
      • Grapple width 18"
      • Single Edge
        • 3/4"x6" Bevel Edge welded in
      • Double Cutting Edge
        • 3/4"x6" Bevel Edge welded in with Bolt Pattern
        • 1/2"x6" Double Bevel Reversible Bolted on Edge 
      • Tooth Edge
        • 3/4"x6" Bevel Edge welded in
        • 9 Teeth 
      • Double Cutting Edge and Tooth Edge buy both and save!
      • Made in USA!