1500E Montana Post Driver

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Photos are of a stock Post Driver, the Post Driver you receive may have variations depending on the options you choose.

Montana Post Drivers are a go to choice for farmers, ranchers, and anyone who builds fences.  Montana Post Drivers have been revolutionizing the fencing industry with their attachments and variety of tools available to make them extremely versatile. This 1500E Model comes with a Flat Tool, Domed Tool, Rock Spike, and Concrete Point making it ready handle anything that gets in the way of fence building.

  • Weight - 2350lbs.
  • Depth - 40"
  • Height - 61"
  • Width - 50"
  • Lift Requirements 50% / 3000lbs
  • 400-800 Blows per Minute
  • GPM 16-27, 2300PSI Minimum
  • Domed Tool - Inside Diameter 9"
  • Flat Tool -  Inside Diameter 9"
  • Rock Spike
  • Concrete Point
  • 3.35" Shaft Diameter
  • 1/2" Flat Face Couplers
  • Universal Skid Steer Quick Attach Mount


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